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Andrei Zimiles


“I worked with MJ and her team for more than a decade and could not be more grateful for their profound contributions to the success of Doctor.com.

No matter how daunting or time-sensitive the task, our colleagues in the Philippines could always be counted on to deliver for us.

The team is multi-talented and capable of both executing complex projects autonomously and collaborating successfully with other teams around the world.

Any company that needs some serious extra horsepower to streamline operations or support rapid growth will benefit from working with this very special group of talented and delightful people.”

Sarah Moonen


“MJ and the whole team at DDCPH are an absolute delight to work with!

We expanded the type and complexity of tasks that we had the team perform over the years due to the quality and reliability of the work they provided.

I look forward to being able to work with the DDCPH team again in the future!”

James Kurz

Chief Finalcial Officer

“DDCPH is better than any other offshore solutions provider I’ve ever encountered, and they’re always my first choice when I have a new challenge to solve.

In addition to handling workloads with accuracy and speed, the true differentiator for us has been the quality of management and the ease of working with the team.

We’ve been able to blast through complicated workloads,at any time of day, with an organization that quickly became a true and natural business partner for the long-haul.”

Mara Kaufman


“I was fortunate to work with the DDCPH team for years in multiple capacities. The team performed a variety of services from research, to tech support, and customer support. Tasks were always handled with punctuality and professionalism, leveraging the diverse and unique skill sets on the team.

DDCPH was essential to our business as we scaled, the team is easily adaptable to change and their responsibilities grew exponentially based on our evolving needs. Everyone was kind, professional, eager to learn, and well-versed in our company goals and priorities.

Managers were proactive in asking for clarity when needed to ensure projects were completed accurately, and often suggested ways to improve efficiency and time management. Perhaps most importantly, the team cares deeply about their work, truly acting as partners and colleagues, never feeling like a vendor.

I would wholeheartedly recommend DDCPH to any business looking to expand their team.”